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General Information

There are three different types of accounts and subscription fees; Mini Me, Me and Family Share. After one month of free trial your will have to start paying for the service.  In settings, go to ´”upgrade account” and find out more about the different types.

YourPDi (Your Personal Digitalization) is a ONE-STOP app where you easily and safely can store all your personal important documents and information. It is easy to upload and scan information, pictures, documents and sort to any of the predefined main categories; ME, THINGS, FAMILY, HOME and PROJECTS. A wide range of subcategories will organize all your important stuff so you quickly can access the right information when you need it. Everything we do employs the highest standards of security.

Sleep tight with YourPDi – the app that will remember and manage all your endless amount of documents & information eg licenses, receipts, warranties, insurances, contracts, vaccines, certificates, subscriptions, login details, memberships etc.

For  a long-term access to YourPDi you need to sign up for a subscription.  If you wish to try YourPDi free of charge, please signing  up here.

YourPDi can not be used offline. All your images, documents and information are stored in the cloud and therefor you need internet access to view what you have uploaded.

My Account & Subscription

Download the app YourPDi for iOS (App Store) or for Android (Google Play).  Once installed, tap to open. Tap “create an account for free”, and enter your name, email address and create a password. You will receive a verification mail and you need to click the link to verify your account. Return to the YourPDi app and SIGN IN with the credentials you just created. As the last step you will be asked to select two questions and type in your own answers. Never forget the answers – or you will not be able to access any of your data in the future.


  • Me Mini: For you with limited information to manage. Perfect for students and small households. Storage; up to 1 GB. Categories; Me, Things and Home.
  • Me: For you with a lot of valuable information to store. Family and Project folders are added. Storage; Up to 2 GB. Categories; Me, Things, Home, Family and Projects.
  • Family Share: For you with loads of content. You can share with 4 additional family members. Storage; Share up to 10 GB. Categories; Me, Things, Family, Home and Projects. You can also add multiple of homes.

Go to “setting” and “upgrade account”. Tap the account that fulfils your requirements. You will only have to pay the additional amount when upgrading from on account to another.

Yes you will be able to downgrade when starting a new subscription period. Just be aware of that some functions and folders will be deleted depending on what subscription you select.

Go to “settings” and “delete account”. A checkbox will appear. If you tick the box you will close your account. You can cancel automatic monthly renewal at any time up to 24 hours before your renewal date by unchecking the Auto-Renew Membership checkbox in the Membership section on your Apple account. If you have a yearly subscription follow the same procedure. You will have access to your account until the last day of subscription. YourPDi will notify you of the upcoming charge before processing any automatic renewal.

Function & Features

Go to settings and “Add Member”. Type the name of the persons. If  you wish to add an owner to eg a receipt any of the pre defined family members pops up for you to select.

All documents need a unique name to be stored in our database. By adding a document name, you will more easily find what you are searching for.

Enter “settings” and go to “notifications”.

About Security & Storage

Select “forgot password” in the log in screen and a password will be sent to your e-mail.

Enter settings/profile and select “change password”.

Enter “settings” and go to “storage”. Here you can view how much space you have left. If you wish more space you can always upgrade your account.

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YPDi AB, founded in 2017, is a tech startup that aims to make life easier for everyone who wants to find their valuable documents and information when they need it the most.

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