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General Information

There are three different types of accounts and subscription fees; Mini Me, Me and Family Share. After the 14-days free trial your will have to start paying for the service.  In settings, go to ´”upgrade account” and find out more about the different types.

Your can also read more about the pricing here.

YourPDi (Your Personal Digitalization) is a ONE-STOP app where you easily and safely can store all your personal important documents and information. It is easy to upload and scan information, pictures, documents and sort to any of the predefined main categories; ME, THINGS, FAMILY, HOME and PROJECTS. A wide range of subcategories will organize all your important stuff so you quickly can access the right information when you need it. Everything we do employs the highest standards of security.

Sleep tight with YourPDi – the app that will remember and manage all your endless amount of documents & information eg licenses, receipts, warranties, insurances, contracts, vaccines, certificates, subscriptions, login details, memberships etc.

For  a long-term access to YourPDi you need to sign up for a subscription.  If you wish to try YourPDi free of charge, please signing  up here.

YourPDi can not be used offline. All your images, documents and information are stored in the cloud and therefor you need internet access to view what you have uploaded.

My Account & Subscription


  • Download the app YourPDi for iOS (App Store) or for Android (Google Play).  Once installed, tap to open.
  • Tap “New user – create an account”, and enter your name, email address and create a password.
  • Select the type of account most suitable for your needs.
  • Open your mail and click the link in the verification mail to verify your account.
  • Return to the app and SIGN IN with the credentials you created earlier.
  • As the last step you can select security level. Either a more advanced or standard solution. If you select the “advanced” you will have to select two questions and then type in your answers. Never forget the answers or your data will be lost
  • Me Mini: For you with limited information to manage. Perfect for students and small households. Storage; up to 1 GB. Categories; Me, Things and Home.
  • Me: For you with a lot of valuable information to store. Family and Project folders are added. Storage; Up to 2 GB. Categories; Me, Things, Home, Family and Projects.
  • Family Share: For you with loads of content. You can share with 4 additional family members. Storage; Share up to 10 GB. Categories; Me, Things, Family, Home and Projects. You can also add multiple of homes.

Go to “setting” and “upgrade account”. Tap the account that fulfils your requirements. You will only have to pay the additional amount when upgrading from on account to another.

Yes you will be able to downgrade when starting a new subscription period. Just be aware of that some functions and folders will be deleted depending on what subscription you select.

Go to “settings” and “delete account”. A checkbox will appear. If you tick the box you will close your account. You can cancel automatic monthly renewal at any time up to 24 hours before your renewal date by unchecking the Auto-Renew Membership checkbox in the Membership section on your Apple account. If you have a yearly subscription follow the same procedure. You will have access to your account until the last day of subscription. YourPDi will notify you of the upcoming charge before processing any automatic renewal.


Go to settings and “Add Member”. Type the name of the persons you like to add. Next time you eg upload a receipt, select “owner” (one of the fields in the template) and any of the pre defined family members will pop up for you to select.

Tap the search icon and type the word you search for. You can search for all information you have added about a document/image eg date, document name, owner, free text. The information/content of the actual scanned picture can not be searched for.

Open the image/document you want to share (not just the template – tap the image). Select the share icon in the upper right corner and choose the application you wish to export/share to.

If you want to share documents within your family – go to Family Share section to read more.


You can only add your own new categories in “Projects”. Note, that you can in every sub category select “Others” and there upload document.

If you want to edit an already uploaded file, open up the file by tapping edit. Thereafter you can add comments, images etc. All information you write is searchable.


  • Select a sub category (the round icons to the left)
  • Tap the + sign “Börja här”
  • Tap the box with the + icon “new image/document”
  • Select “Import docs from other apps”
  • Go to eg your mail and open the document and tap the share/upload icon (box with an arrow)
  • A list of different icons will show up – select YourPDi
  • If the YourPDi icon doesn’t appear, tap the three bullets icon and scroll down to you see YourPDi icon and select.
  • A pop-up window will appear and select “Post”
  • Return to the app and you will get notified there is a document being shared with you. The doc has already been placed in the sub category you selected at the beginning.
  • Add document name and other fields if you wish.
  • Save.
  • Select a sub category (round symbols to the left)
  • Tap the + icon “start here”
  • Tap the box with + icon “New image/document”
  • Välj en subkategori (de runda symbolerna till vänster)
  • Klicka på + ikonen “Börja här”
  • Select if you wish to upload from the camera or image library
  • If you select camera, “snap” the photo and tap “done”/if you selected upload form image library select the specific picture you wish to upload.
  • Type a document name and fill in other fields if you wish to. All fields are searchable
  • Save

Test step 1 and if you still cannot log-in try step 2. You’re always welcome to contact support@yourpdi.com to get help.
1.Try to switch off the wi-fi.
2.Uninstall the app and then go to App Store/Google Play to download it again. If you are a paying subscriber and you are asked to pay for the app again – just accept. You will never be charges twice.
3. Contact us at support@yourpdi.com


Your data is protected using the highest standard of security (Military Government and Bank grade) standard with and advanced world class threat detection service that detects Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) and Web Application attacks.

YourPDi applies different strong encryption solutions as default, for all information and documents stored in YourPDi.

The information and documents you store in YourPDi is only yours and can only be viewed by you.

Your data has an back-up in case of any incident.

Platforms and file format

You have limited storage depending on the different subscription types. You can track how much free space you have left in “settings/storage”. You can select  different qualities while uploading a document/image. We recommend 50% compression of original image.

All pictures you have stored on your mobile can be uploaded to YourPDi. Uploads of PDF files are supported. If you have difficulties to upload any format, take a screenshot of what you want to save and thereafter upload do YourPDi.


Your account can be accessed from any iPhone or iPad (iOS 9 or later versions) and Android units. Currently, there is no web interface to support access of YourPDi.

Function & Features

Go to settings and “Add Member”. Type the name of the persons you like to add. Next time you eg upload a receipt, select “owner” (one of the fields in the template) and any of the pre defined family members will pop up for you to select.

All documents need a unique name to be stored in our database. By adding a document name, you will more easily find what you are searching for.

Enter “settings” and go to “notifications”.

About Security & Storage

Select “forgot password” in the log in screen and a password will be sent to your e-mail.

Enter settings/profile and select “change password”.

Enter “settings” and go to “storage”. Here you can view how much space you have left. If you wish more space you can always upgrade your account.

Family Share

As owner of the Family Share account you are the Admin and manage the account. If you want to add a person, go to Settings > Admin Family Share and type in the email address and a user name for the person you are adding. 

The person will receive an email with instructions on how to set up the account. It is important that the new member uses the same email address as the one you registered.


Open up the invitation e-mail to read the instructions (the same instructions as below).

  • Download the app YourPDi from App Store or Google Play.
  • Select “New user – create an account”
  • Fill in the same e-mail address the invitation mail was sent to. Very important that you use that specific e-mail.
  • Select your own password and fill in the other fields required to sign up for the account and submit.
  • You will receive a confirmation e-mail and you must click the link in the e-mail to complete the registration.
  • Go back to the app and choose “LOG IN”. Fill in your email and password (or you can use Touch-ID/Fingerprint/Face ID) and you are now part of the Family Share account.
  • You have to select a standard or advanced encryption solution before you can start using the app.



Yes, you can share all categories within the Family Share group. You can select who you will share with and if they will be able to view, edit or do both. 


 It is only the account owner that will be charged for the subscription. As a member you will not have to pay anything. A family share account includes up to 5 members. The price payed by the admin for the family account you find here.


Users have 10 GB storage to share within the Family Share account.

We recommend the user is 12+ years of age and that a parent assists while on-boarding/creating an account. This is due to the advanced security functionality.

We recommend that you downgrade to the ME plan since it costs less, and you still get access to all the categories. Go to Settings > Upgrade Account > Select ME.

Ask the admin of the Family share you want to join to go to Settings > Admin Family Share, and type in your e-mail address (important it is the same e-mail as your current account) and a user name. Thereafter:

  • Log-in with your existing credentials and Encryption Q&A.
  • Cancel the payment of your subscription in App Store or Google Play (from 1st of March 2019). The Family Share admin/owner will pay for your subscription hereafter.



Yes, you can be deleted from a group via the Family Share Admin (account owner). Settings > Family Share Admin > press the deletion sign.

 Next time you log in to the app (note, you will be using the same credentials as before) there will be a pop-up asking you to select a subscription plan.

None of the data you created yourself will be lost, but you will not be able to view any of the data that was shared with you (created by someone else).



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