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Once I accidently threw away a plastic bag with all the drawings and permits for our house. With YourPDi this can never happen to me again. Worth every penny.

Maria Finnes
House owner, Oslo Norway 23/03/2018

I wish this app was available 20 years ago. FINALLY an app, so I can start to organize all my and the families’ important stuff. I have 4 kids, 2 cats – generating loads of information to deal with.

Erica von Sicard
Mom with a big family, Halmstad 05/04/2018

Finally, I can save all my important docs in an app, and forget about the paper mess on my desk.

Fanny Palmlund
Digital Native, Bromma 19/04/2018

At work it is an obvious routine to save important things safely in the cloud. I am surprised that there is no such service developed for private individuals need until now.

Björn Isaksson
Entreprenör, Bromma Sweden 07/05/2018


For you with limited information to manage. Perfect for students and small households.

StorageUp to 1 GB

CategoriesMe, Things and Home

SEK 18.00/monthafter free trial ends

For you with quite a lot of valuable information to store. Project folder is added on.

StorageUp to 2 GB

CategoriesMe, Things, Home and Projects

SEK 29.00/monthafter free trial ends

For you with a family and a much information to organise.

StorageUp to 4 GB

CategoriesMe, Things and Home and Projects Add multiple of homes and owners

SEK 39.00/monthafter free trial ends


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