The App We Needed

The App We Needed

Patricia Ingemarsson and Jenny Wuori were sincerely tired of their private paper mess and digital disarray. How hard could it be to find the receipt for the stolen bicycle, documents from the renovation, electronic warranties, log-in passwords, the familys´ vaccination records or the color codes of your home?

They took matters in their own hands and developed the app YourPDi. YourPDi stands for Your Personal Digitalisation and aims to easily organize valuable private documents and information in one place, safely stored in the Cloud.

– As many as 70 % of us aren’t satisfied with the way we store – or in fact – not store our personal documents. There are a lot of things to keep in order when you are in the middle of life and have a big family, multiple houses, like to renovate and – on top of it all – have a black belt in shopping.

– Why not use today’s technology and say goodbye to dusty binders and hello to paperless. Use the cloud- easy, quick, simple and insatiable. We can save as much information as we want – and there is always room for more, says Patricia Ingemarsson.

– YourPDi is not a free app, because security costs, explains Patricia. YourPDi will be your drawer where everything is in its right place, sorted and safe, when it is needed. You will find your documents just as easy tomorrow as in 10 – 15 years. At last, here is the app you needed. Say goodbye to paper mess and hello to paperless – try YourPDi for free today. Download from App Store or Google Play.

Find out more about the app at: www.yourpdi.com

YPDi AB, founded in 2017, is a tech startup that aims to make life easier for everyone who wants to find their valuable documents and information when they need it the most.

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