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About Us

The Co-Founders of

We started YourPDi because we were tired of never finding. We wanted to create a place – one place – for all our important information. It could be the receipt for the stolen bike, log-in credentials while booking a flight or the password to Netflix. YourPDi also lets you keep track of grades, vaccines, insurances etc. Now, we even have a place to put all documents while renovating at home. Phew.

We are a tech and commercial fusion, enabling us to develop user friendly apps.

To develop a product with the highest standards we are partnering with a team of app developers with a thorough experience in building Fintech applications. Our codex is security and integrity.

Patricia Öien Ingemarsson

Patricia has 25+ years international experience from the Telcom industry; System Engineering, Network & Security Architecture, Business Development and Account Management etc.

Jenny Wuori

Jenny has 21 + years international experience from information/services/technology and pharmaceutical companies where she has mainly worked with marketing, sales, management, business development and customer insights.

YourPDi a Sting Company
Sting (Stockholm Innovation & Growth) enables talented people to turn their ideas into sustainable businesses.

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For press enquiries please email press@yourpdi.com.

Press Release

27 april, 2019

The tech company YourPDi takes in US-based Virtual Force as a partner to accelerate and continue to develop their app

The tech company YourPDi wants us to say “goodbye” to binders, folders and digital chaos and “hello” to your personal digitalisation with the app YourPDi. The company has now raised 205 000 USD to develop more advanced functionality and start the international expansion.


June, 19 2018

Lyxfällans Magnus Hedberg investerar i appen YourPDi

YourPDi, Your Personal Digitalisation, är en ny app som gör det enkelt att strukturera och spara värdefulla papper och annan viktig information. Nu går Magnus Hedberg, känd från TV3:s Lyxfällan, in i YourPDi för en expansion av tjänsten till en bredare användarkrets.


June, 7 2018

Första versionen av YourPDi släppt på App Store

Är du bland de 70 % som tröttnat på att rota i byrålådan, riva bland gamla pärmar eller leta i mobilen och datorn efter dina värdefulla handlingar och viktig information. Jenny Wuori och Patricia Ingemarsson, tog saken i egna händer och utvecklade appen YourPDi, Your Personal Digitalisation. Appen finns nu att ladda ner på App Store och Android versionen kommer inom kort.


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We are a tech startup that aims to make life easer for everyone who wants to find what they are looking for when they need it Are you interested:
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YPDi AB, founded in 2017, is a tech startup that aims to make life easier for everyone who wants to find their valuable documents and information when they need it the most.

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