Main Benefits

Get in control of your important and valuable information - easily

YourPDi Mobile App
anything, FAST

Quickly access your information.

YourPDi Mobile App
A one stop app

A place for everything and everything in place.

YourPDi Mobile App
Sleep tight

We use the highest standards of security. (Bank, government and military standards.)

YourPDi Mobile App
easy to use

Easily scan and upload documents, information and pictures into predefined categories

YourPDi Mobile App
from anywhere

Access anywhere with you
mobile device.

YourPDi Mobile App
will get lost

Securely backed up in the

YourPDi Mobile App
Alerts so
you don’t forget

Useful notifications

YourPDi Mobile App
certain categories

Easy to share selected categories with your partner, children etc.

YourPDi Mobile App

How it Works

It’s easy to get in control over what is valuable and vital.

All valuable docs and info in one app

5 main categories; ME, THINGS, HOME, FAMILY & PROJECTS. Easily sort uploads into the many predefined subcategories.

YourPDi Mobile App

A place for everything and everything in place.

Select the predefined subcategory eg "Computer". Tap the icon to upload a document

YourPDi Mobile App

Easy to scan documents, upload pdf files and pictures

You can upload documents from Camera, Photo Library or Other Apps.

YourPDi Mobile App

Built in scanner and upload PDF attachments from email

Built in scanner.
Upload documents from your e-mail.

YourPDi Mobile App

Choose information you like to add

You can add information about the document e.g. Select owner from your family list, Document name, Store name, Warranty Date, Search tags and much more.

YourPDi Mobile App


YourPDi Mobile App

YourPDi applies a strong encryption as default for all the documents and information that you transfer between your mobile and the cloud service where your documents and information are stored.


Integrated world-class threat protection by:

YPDi AB, founded in 2017, is a tech startup that aims to make life easier for everyone who wants to find their valuable documents and information when they need it the most.

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