A SNEAK PEAK of the app:YourPDi will be launched early 2018.

It is simple to get in control of your valuable information and documents

with YourPDi a brand new app for your personal digitalization

Today you have to remember and manage an endless amount of documents & information eg licenses, receipts, warranties, insurances, contracts, vaccines, certificates, subscriptions, login details, memberships etc.
Our most valuable documents and information are stored in various places – often hard to find when you need them.
But there is a “cure” – YourPDi – a ONE-STOP SHOP where you easily can store everything of importance- safely in the cloud, to get in control.

Free trial at launch

Benefits & Features

It’s easy to get in control over what is valuable and vital.

Super easy to use

Easy to upload and scan information, pictures, documents and sort to predefined categories

Convenient A one stop shop

Here you will have a place for everything and everything will be in place.

Find anything, FAST

You can quickly access all the information stored in YouPDi.

Encrypted and protected

Safe storage in the Cloud and not in your mobile

Alerts so you don’t forget

Useful notifications

Access from anywhere

Access anywhere with you mobile device.

Sleep tight

Everything we do employs the highest standards of security
(Military, Government and Bank grade standards).

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It is simple to get in control

Why YourPDi?

This must come to an end – the mess most of us experience in storing important documents and information causing a lot of frustration when you need them the most. For some it is not only our own stuff we need to manage but also our – kids, partners, elderly parents and even our pets. In an era where everything is getting digitalized it’s a mystery why we are keeping our important stuff all over the place; in drawers, binders, vaults, e-mail, computers, external devices etc.

When we started creating YourPDi, it was obvious to us that there must be an end to the waste of time searching for eg the receipt of your stolen bike or mobile you lost. Log-in credentials when booking a flight or even your log-in to Netflix can be hard to find. In a swipe we should be able find the right code to unlock a mobile and keep track of grades, vaccines, insurances etc. Not mentioning the burden of taking care of the pile of important documents and information while renovating at home. It could simply be organized in a category of its own. In addition everything should be stored in the cloud with the highest security.

Our need to get in control of all important material was overwhelming and no matter where we searched we couldn’t finding an app meeting our requirements. This is the background to why we, Patricia Öien Ingemarsson and Jenny Wuori, started the development of YourPDi – Your Personal Digitalization – and founded YPDi AB.

About us

The co-founders of YourPDi


We are a tech and commercial fusion, enabling us to develop user friendly apps. Patricia has 25+ years international experience from the Telco industry; System Engineering, Network & Security Architecture, Business Development and Account Management etc.
Jenny has 21 + years international experience from information/services/technology and pharmaceutical companies where she has mainly worked with marketing, sales, business development and customer insights.

To develop a product with the highest standards we are partnering with a team of app developers with a thorough experience in building Fintech applications. Our codex is security and integrity. We are working together with an experienced security group that are veterans in disciplines such as encryption, threat protection, cloud security etc. Security is paramount for us.

We are excited that our idea is becoming a reality and hope that you as a user will appreciate YourPDi.

Co-Founder Patricia Öien Ingemarsson

Co-Founder Jenny Wuori

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